Meets at: 3401 Fong Ranch Rd. Sacramento, CA 95833
Mailing address: 2121 Natomas Crossing Dr. #200-318, Sacramento, CA 95834

Due to COVID-19, we will not be gathering for worship at Discovery High School until further notice. However, we invite you to worship with us through our weekly Church at Home services. Click below for this week’s Online Service.


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If you would like to send a check

please mail to Gateway Fellowship, 2121 Natomas Crossing Drive #200-318, Sacramento, CA 95834

Welcome to Gateway Fellowship’s Online Donation Page

4 Benefits to Giving Online

  1. You are exercising your relationship with your particular church. It is often easy to forget that the church is not run by the pastors or leaders but by every person that calls Gateway Fellowship their home.
  2. You make your life a little bit simpler – You don’t need to remember whether you gave this month. And if you are out of town, or on vacation, you don’t need to try and remember if you gave next time you are in church.
  3. You will be helping the church – Every person who gives through online giving makes our record keeping easier.
  4. You can focus on other things at church – Instead of having to get out a pen and write out an envelope and check, you can focus entirely on worship.

We strongly encourage that all giving be done with a debit card and not a credit card.